Quantrax Performance Management System

Quantrax offers the next generation in elite performance analysis for all aspiring athletes.

Quantrax provides elite performance tracking at a consumer price, so all athletes from any age and any stage can use our sport performance system. Our technology helps individuals and sports teams evolve training, scouting and evaluation through increased knowledge of player performances.

Quantrax unit pairs wirelessly with the mobile app to view performance data within minutes of finishing, right to your phone or tablet. For a more in depth view of your performance, the web Portal can be accessed with your own unique login. All outputs are customisable allowing you to fine tune reporting as your performance progresses. You don’t need a sport science degree to understand and interpret the data; information is easy to read both at the end of a recorded session and when comparing sessions over time.

Not only is our system highly accurate and of elite quality, but it is a fraction of the cost of similar calibre systems currently available. We are now offering exclusive packages and discounts to university/research clients with options to buy or rent – catering to both short and long-term projects.

The next generation sports performance system for the next generation of player

    It answers key questions that form basis of sports analytics:
  • Am I training hard enough
  • Am I doing what I need to
  • Am I at risk of Injury
  • Am I where I need to be

What it does

Quantrax provides complete analysis of performance from training and match play.

Built from within the sports industry, includes state of the art hardware and algorithms within a cloud based platform that Now allows you to access and unlock yours and your teams potential. By using can significantly increase performance by as much as 45% and reduce injury risk by 42%.

Key Features

  • Tri-Axis Accelerometer

    Our 16g, 100Hz Accelerometer captures all movements, giving you with your total number of Accels/Decels during sessions.

  • Weighs 37g

    Quantrax unit is the lightest device available in the market, with battery sufficient battery backup for 3 to 4 hours session.

  • Wireless Charging

    The Unit recharges wirelessly through the charging platform, eliminating need for connecting wires and problem with charging ports.

  • Wi-Fi Download

    High-speed wireless downloading will have all your training data exported from your session within minutes of walking off the field or court.

  • Water-Resistant

    The Quantrax technology is resistant to damage by water or exposure to rain and sweat, so you can continue with the session in adverse weather.

  • Smartphone App Companion

    The unit pairs with the Quantrax app to view detailed session data and performance analysis.

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