Quantrax Performance Management System

Quantrax offers the next generation in elite performance analysis for all aspiring athletes. Our Unique Mobile system allows you to access your data instantly, anytime, anywhere

The next generation sports performance system

    It answers key questions that form basis of sports analytics:
  • Am I training hard enough ?
  • Am I doing what I need to ?
  • Am I at risk of Injury ?
  • Am I where I need to be ?

What it does

Quantrax provides complete analysis of performance from training and match play.

Built from within the sports industry, includes state of the art hardware and algorithms within a cloud based platform that Now allows you to access and unlock yours and your teams potential. By using can significantly increase performance by as much as 45% and reduce injury risk by 42%.

Key Features

Tri-Axis Accelerometer

Our 16g, 100Hz Accelerometer captures all movements, giving you with your total number of Accels/Decels during sessions.

Weighs 37g

Quantrax unit is the lightest device available in the market, with battery sufficient battery backup for 3 to 4 hours session.

Wireless Charging

The Unit recharges wirelessly through the charging platform, eliminating need for connecting wires and problem with charging ports.

Wi-Fi Download

High-speed wireless downloading will have all your training data exported from your session within minutes of walking off the field or court.


The Quantrax technology is resistant to damage by water or exposure to rain and sweat, so you can continue with the session in adverse weather.

Smartphone App Companion

The unit pairs with the Quantrax app to view detailed session data and performance analysis.

Smallest in Market

Dimensions 65x36x17 mm.


GPS sampling rate from 9Hz.


Battery charging 30 mins.

Cloud based

Cloud based Web analytics.



Peterborough Regional College

Nuneaton Borough Football Club

PROCO Football Foundation

Coventry United Football Club

WASP Academy

Gungahlin United Football Club

West Bromwich Albion Foundation

1874 Northwich Football Club

Mansfield Town Football Club

Saltdean United Football Club

Basingstoke college of Technology

Hednesford Town Football Club

Global Football Pro

Coventry City Football Club

Strachan Football Foundation

Wellington School


Based in Canberra, Gungahlin United F.C. (GUFC) is one of the largest football clubs within Australia and competes in the second division (ACT National Premier League). Providing coaching to players from u5s all the way to semi-professional, GUFC have a strong focus on developing playersholistically in order to enhance their love of Football.

After a review of their sports science strategies, GUFC have worked over the last 3 years to provide their players with the best possible sports science support.

The implementation of Quantrax at GUFC has allowed the Club to take another step forward by providing players with a system that helps to maximise performance, optimise load and injury management, while improving communication to players and coaches using data driven insight and analysis.

“Having the ability to collect and analyse data generated from both training and matches provides us with a huge advantage when planning and preparing throughout the season. On top of this, the information that we gather allows us to individualise the information provided to our players in order to optimise their performance, limit fatigue and improve recovery” – Michael Micieli, Head of Strength and Conditioning